Tuya oil comes from a tree native to Canada and has a warm, earthy aroma that makes it very pleasant. But not only does it smell good, it also has great cleaning power.

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Tuya Oil is a majestic tree and known as the “tree of life” due to its unique benefits. Our Tuya essential oil is extracted from the heartwood of the Thuja plicata tree, also known as western red cedar, which is native to North America, primarily Canada and the northwestern United States.

This Tuya essential oil is especially valuable because it contains a distinct chemical profile and is uniquely concentrated in methyl thujate. In addition, its production is carried out in an environmentally responsible manner through the distillation of waste wood materials, which ensures that no trees are cut down unnecessarily for production.

Tuya has been used for centuries by Native Americans for health benefits and to create boats, totem poles, baskets and clothing. Therefore, Tuya essential oil is not only beneficial to health, but also has a very rich and significant cultural history. In short, Tuya essential oil is a natural treasure that can be used in many different ways and comes from a sustainable and responsible source.

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